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Meet the Bentons



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"When God brought us together, we quickly realized we both held the key to  facilitate each other's freedom. Now, our mission is to help you obtain the emotional, spiritual, and physical freedom available to live your best life!"

Willie & Ann-Maria Benton 

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Willie and Ann-Maria have changed how the world defines a power couple. Known as a “Dynamic Duo” for God, they acknowledge their power is derived from what He has accomplished in and through their lives, not from anything achieved in their own strength.

Initially, while their union seemed unlikely to many, they knew God was doing something much BIGGER than them, something more amazing than the human mind could comprehend. They knew God had brought two imprisoned individuals together to facilitate each other's freedom. Now free, they are passionate about helping individuals become physically, emotionally, and spiritually free to enjoy healthy relationships and pursue their life purpose!  


The Bentons are authors, speakers, entrepreneurs and community leaders and have been featured on radio and TV programs to include Good News with Twanda Black on PGN TV and Conversations with Nancy J on WATC TV. Actively involved in prison ministry, they are Board Members of Red Clay Ministries Inc. and Purpose for Your Life Centre; organizations committed to helping men and women make better decisions and focus on a successful transition back into society.


In their newest book, Foolish Faith, the couple share powerful and insightful life lessons from their journey and how their faith catapulted them into their unique, God-given purpose. Their story encourages individuals who may feel forgotten, unqualified, discarded, worthless, or overlooked to trust that God specializes in using people whom society underestimates and often writes off.

In addition to writing and speaking, the Bentons are sought-after workshop facilitators. Their life-changing online and in-person workshops are designed to: 

  • Educate participants to know the truth

  • Challenge participants to assimilate the truth

  • Inspire participants to live the truth

  • Motivate participants to point others to the truth

Willie and Ann-Maria currently reside in Georgia and have three adult male sons, Marko, Anthony, and Jonathan and two beautiful grandkids: Analiyah and Ian. 

To schedule Willie and Ann-Maria to speak at your next event, conference, youth gathering, etc., connect with them at:

Bentons Speaking at Event
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