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Meet the Bentons



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"When God brought us together, we quickly realized we both held the key to  facilitate each other's freedom. Now, our mission is to help you obtain the emotional, spiritual, and physical freedom available to live your best life!"

Willie & Ann-Maria Benton 

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Willie and Ann-Maria (aka The Dynamic Duo) are highly sought-after motivational speakers who inspire others through their transparent sharing. They encourage people to live freely (emotionally, physically, and spiritually), cultivate healthy relationships, and pursue purpose.

Their personal journey, orchestrated by God, is a testament to a unique plan and purpose that transcends their individual lives.
The Bentons, besides being authors and speakers, are entrepreneurs and community leaders. They’ve graced the airwaves on radio and TV programs, including Good News with Twanda Black on PGN TV and Conversations with Nancy J on WATC TV. 

As founders of Freedom Focused Ministries, Willie and Ann-Maria actively engage in prison ministry. They serve as board members for Red Clay Ministries Inc. and Purpose for Your Life Centre, organizations dedicated to guiding men and women toward better decisions and successful reintegration into society.

In their latest book, Foolish Faith, the couple shares profound life lessons drawn from their remarkable journey. Their unwavering faith propelled them into a unique, God-given purpose. Their story resonates with individuals who may feel overlooked, unqualified, or discarded, reminding them that God specializes in using those society underestimates.

Beyond writing and speaking, the Bentons excel as sought-after workshop facilitators. Their transformative sessions - both online and in-person - inspire individuals to celebrate their uniqueness, liberate themselves from various constraints, cultivate wholesome relationships, and discover their life’s purpose.

Ann-Maria is passionate about empowering women through conferences and retreats that unleash purpose. Visit her website: for upcoming events. 

Currently residing in Georgia, the Duo enjoys a family that includes three adult sons and two beautiful grandkids. 

To schedule Willie and Ann-Maria to speak at your next event, youth or adult conference, click HERE.

Bentons Speaking at Event
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