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Just One Decision Away

There is a path before each person that seems right, but it ends in death.
 (Proverbs 14:12 NLT)






Sadly, people who make life-altering decisions often feel (in the moment) like they are out of options. Particularly when they are hurting, alone, angry, disappointed, or emotionally/mentally immature. 

The men, women, boys and girls who find themselves physically incarcerated, at some point made that ONE (first) decision that radically changed their future, possibly forever. We want to help individuals who feel desperate to realize they have a choice BEFORE they make that life-changing decision.


To prevent at-risk individuals who are just one decision away from making a life-altering decision and help them discover the power to make positive, life-changing choices. 

JODA's Goal: Depopulate prisons.


Target Audience: Men, women, boys, and girls who are at risk of engaging in illegal activity that will ultimately land them in jail or in the ground. 

At Risk: To be in a situation where something unpleasant, dangerous, and life-altering may occur. 


At risk factors:

  • Family

  • Community

  • Circumstance


JODA wants to help individuals understand they can:

  • Be better: Change the narrative of the family dynamics. You don't have to live with the generational/societal/emotional struggles of family members (addictions, sexual, etc.). 

  • See better: Life is bigger than the neighborhood in which you live. Through expanded knowledge, increased experiences, and surrounding yourself with people who got out, you will realize you can live a better life.

  • Do better: Life is about choices. Make better choices. Stop making permanent choices for temporary situations.


Choice is power!

JODA partners with other organizations/programs to offer:

  • Educational/Motivational Talks

  • Practical workshops

  • Accountability/mentorship

  • Resources to assist in healing, growth, and discovering purpose