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Do You Believe In SoulMates, A Perfect Match Made In Heaven?


April Curtis is a beautiful, witty, and intelligent saint. As co-owner of Market Smart, she is doing quite well career-wise. Unfortunately, despite her wonderful relationship with Jesus Christ, her personal life is another story. A sad story.


For after the betrayal by her childhood boyfriend, her relationship with her mother is troubled, and her love-life is non-existent. That is, until she attends a Halloween bash as She-Devil, meets Blackman, and gets more than she bargained for. Overwhelmed by his charm and his good looks, she unwittingly becomes involved in a seductive game she has no courage to finish. But Blackman has no intention of going out bad. He will finish what was started. Even if doing so forces them to confront the past. A painful past.

What God Has Joined

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