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Relationship Prisons

When a relationship is RIGHT, it gives us the FREEDOM to acknowledge who we WERE. Celebrate who we ARE. And embrace who we are BECOMING. Healthy relationships accept us as a whole, don't try to change who we are and will not hinder or be intimidated by who we are becoming.

Healthy relationships enhance our lives. They help us to discover our best self. Healthy relationships are not self-serving.

When a relationship is WRONG, our freedom to grow from our past and be our best self is stifled. At times, the person will show signs of envy, be manipulative, be critical, or condemning with their words and actions. These tactics are for the purpose of control.

Unhealthy relationships (romantic or platonic) often keep us in bondage to their selfish demands and if we aren't careful, we will lose a sense of who we are, not know our worth and value, and not realize God has placed a powerful purpose in us. These unhealthy dynamics are equivalent to being IMPRISONED.

But here's the good new - YOU DON'T HAVE TO REMAIN A PRISONER. You hold the key to your freedom. Yes you!

  • You hold the key to your physical freedom to leave, cut it off, unfriend, block, delete, etc. You hold the key. You hold the key to your freedom by placing distance between you and that person. You might not be able to disown them, but you've got to take a break.

  • Sometimes the key to freedom is being healed. Your incarceration is due to your unhealed wounds. Your past, hurts, unforgiveness, feelings of rejection, lack of self-worth and misplaced identity will ultimately lead you to ones who will emotionally/mentally/physically imprison you. They will take advantage of your pain and false sense of needing them to feel whole.

You hold the key!

How much longer will you put off making the TOUGH decision to be free? It's hard work and requires difficult decisions to be made. But your freedom is worth it. YOU are worth it!

Get to know who you are in God. You and God are ENOUGH! You don't need ANY relationship (romantic or otherwise) to define your worth or make you complete.

Use your key and set yourself free!

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