Meet the Bentons



Willie L. Benton III

Author, Speaker


Willie is a sought-after author whose descriptive and engaging style of writing keeps readers on the edge of their seats wanting more. His ability to combine romance, action, thought-provoking, and inspiring messages in one story is unique and amazing.


Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, he is the youngest of three children. When he was only seventeen, Willie made regrettable decisions that to the natural eye should have ended his life. But little did he know that God would turn his mistakes around for his good and for God's glory (Romans 8:28). 


Using his gift of writing as a form of emotional and spiritual healing, he inspires others to seek their purpose and walk in the fullness of their destiny. Though readers may find sprinkles of Willie's testimony throughout a storyline, he primarily uses fictional characters to convey a strong message of hope! The message: No matter what you've done, God wants to and can still use you. You are never beyond the unconditional love, grace, and mercy of an all-knowing and all-powerful God. 


Willie is happily married to his soulmate, Ann-Maria. They are the proud parents of three adult sons and two amazing grandkids.


Willie serves on the Board of Directors for Purpose for Your Life Centre and enjoys working on cars and building custom furniture. A powerful speaker and gifted writer, he and Ann-Maria currently reside in Georgia. 

"When God brought us together, we quickly realized
we both held the key to  facilitate each other's freedom. 

Now, our mission is to help you obtain the emotional, spiritual,
and physical freedom available to live your best life!"

Ann-Maria A. Benton

Minister, Author, Speaker, TruthTeacher


Ann-Maria (aka the #TruthTeacher) is an ordained reverend, best-selling author, and transformational speaker. A woman of many talents, she is a former radio host, and a gifted speaker, who interweaves the truth of God’s Word, humor, and transparent testimonies to create an atmosphere for authentic and life-transforming encounters. Standing firm on John 8:32, she believes that knowing the truth unleashes freedom, and freedom gives birth to one’s full potential.   


When not ministering in her local church, Ann-Maria can be found sharing the Word of God in the local jails and prisons, and at various events around the U.S. and abroad. A strong advocate for the rehabilitation of men and women behind the bars and returning citizens, she serves on the Board of Directors for Purpose for Your Life Centre and Red Clay Ministries, Inc., ministries that are dedicated to serving men and women behind the bars and their families. 


Her compassion and transparency allow Ann-Maria to authentically connect with people of all ages, races, etc. Through her own personal struggles and victories, she encourages and empowers people struggling with identity and self-esteem issues, abortion, divorce, domestic violence, singleness and celibacy, toxic relationships, and other issues that seek to destroy our God-given destiny. And she truly believes God can and will turn any mess into a beautiful message. 


Ann-Maria facilitates life-changing workshops designed to:

  • Educate participants to know the truth

  • Challenge participants to assimilate the truth

  • Inspire participants to live the truth

  • Motivate participants to point others to the truth


Workshop topics include (but are not limited to): rejection, soul ties, abandonment, divorce, unforgiveness, adultery, abuse, abortion, rape, and self-esteem. 

Ann-Maria is happily married to her soulmate, Willie and they are the proud parents of three adult sons and two amazing grandkids. 

For more about Ann-Maria, visit her website: 

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