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Pregnant with a Promise


The best-selling author of The New Consecrated Cocoon has done it again! Having mastered the art of comparing a physical phenomenon to a spiritual occurrence, Ann-Maria now compares the compelling truths of a natural childbirth to a spiritual birth in Pregnant with a Promise.

Highly anointed, Ann-Maria is the spiritual midwife that teaches what it is to conceive your promise, advises you the best way to nurture your promise, coaches you through the birthing process, and instructs you on ways to protect your promise afterwards.

You will learn the importance of choosing the right midwife, recognizing the appointed time to push, getting the proper rest, knowing when to share and with whom, and much more. By expertly weaving the insightful stories of men and women from the Bible with her personal testimonies, Ann-Maria will help you see yourself in the Word of God, increase your faith, and boldly embrace the promise God has placed within you



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No one is beyond redemption. No one is beyond God's reach. No one is beyond being used by Him in a mighty and miraculous way.

It does not matter how bad you think you have been; our Great Creator still cares for you. It does not matter how bad others think you are; God knows your heart. He knows the treasure He placed inside you.

This book explores this simple truth by examining how God used Joseph, Moses, Samson, David, Paul, and Jesus' disciples despite their faults. They all faced bad situations, but it didn't make them bad men. In fact, God used what appeared to be bad for their good and His glory.


The very things that should have disqualified these men for God's use is what made them powerful vessels in His hands.

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Why do we call them bad girls?

Glory be to God, no girl is really a bad girl. No girl is beyond our Father’s redemptive power.


Therefore, no girl should be permanently labeled because of the boy she was interested in. No girl should forever be defined by the questionable choices she made. After all, upon close examination, we often discover that so-called bad girls are frequently misunderstood, mislead, confused, frustrated, scared, scarred, or deceived.

Many have identity and self-esteem issues. Many have been hurt badly. As a result, they look for love in all the wrong places and search for validation in all the wrong faces.With these things in mind, in this book, going back to the beginning of time, we will explore a few so-called bad girls of the Bible and examine how their situations could’ve been different if boys had behaved like honorable and respectable men.

You will be amazed by what the Holy Spirit reveals in the Living Word, and we pray it transforms the way you look at the women in your life.

This book is written to men, but is a MUST read for women to understand how the prominent male relationships in their lives have impacted their sense of worth and value.

The New Consecrated Cocoon
TNCC Reflection Journal

The New Consecrated Cocoon - Emerging from Intimate Isolation with Power and Purpose $15.99 Paperback / $7.99 Reflection Journal / $19.99 Both


Ever wondered what's going on inside of a caterpillar's cocoon as she's changing from a unattractive, creepy-crawling creature to a beautiful butterfly that soars? 


The same thing that occurs when God draws us into our spiritual cocoon (a lonely place of intimate isolation) to prepare us for radical and life-transforming changes.


The caterpillar is literally dying to her old life so her new life can come forth. She's losing everything that will no longer be a part of her identity when she becomes a butterfly. She hangs upside down in complete surrender to the process as she loses her mouth and feet and gains more eyes. 


In our cocoon, we too lose our feet so we can't run from the process. We lose our mouth so we can't verbally abort what God is doing. And we gain more eyes to see ourselves the way God sees us. 


Like the butterfly, God must rid us of anything that would hinder our ability to soar. We show up in our cocoon broken, disappointed, rejected, full of shame, and questioning our worth. And God exchanges our pain for His purpose. He gives us His unconditional love, peace, acceptance, and worth.


To embrace the new, we must be willing to let go of the old. When we allow God to renew, restore, refresh, and refine us; we emerge as powerful beings ready to soar into our purpose and destiny in Christ.

Reflection Journal

This beautifully crafted Reflection Journal is the ideal companion to the best-selling book, The New Consecrated Cocoon - Emerging From Intimate Isolation With Power and Purpose. It is also a great stand-alone for your personal reflection time.
Packed with over 100 powerful quotes from The New Consecrated Cocoon, suggested Scripture readings, and writing space to express your thoughts; this journal is a must- have to take your devotion time to the next level.

Journal (paperback only)
Both Books
Honor Thy God


What does it mean to Honor thy God?

Brad Nelson struggles with this important and thought-provoking question. As an intelligent, creative, gifted, and highly skilled homebuilder, he has been blessed in more ways than he can count. 

Yet, despite the numerous revelations he receives; Brad outright refuses to give God the honor. In fact, he gives God no credit at all. 

But woe unto Brad as he eventually learns that God is a jealous God – an all-consuming fire! We are to place nothing or no one before Him. 

Honor Thy God will entertain, enlighten, equip, and empower you to desire a more appreciative and grateful heart toward God. Through a 30-Day HONOR Challenge, your heart will be stirred to seek intentional ways to honor God on a daily basis. 

It is our sincere prayer that you will have a new understanding of what it means to honor God, which will lead to honoring yourself and others. 
In Jesus name. Amen. 


Laughs Without Fear

Laughs Without Fear - 21 Promises the Devil Can't Touch $7.99

Laughter is an enemy to FEAR.

Satan regularly introduces distractions designed to discourage you and cause you to doubt God’s promises. He wants you to look to your future through eyes of fear. But God wants you to look to your future through eyes of FAITH.
You cannot please God being faithless (Hebrews 11:6). Faith enables you to LAUGH WITHOUT FEAR at your future!


In this book, Ann-Maria shares the power of 21 promises that affirms God’s love and amazing plans for you. Prepare to be encouraged, inspired, and empowered as you read the promises from the heart of God.

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STAY FREE From Toxic Emotions and Relationships. $8.00

Ever wonder why we attract the same types of people and find ourselves in the same types of harmful relationships?


The people we attract and are attracted to often reveal what experience has taught us to feel about ourselves. Our unhealthy emotional baggage and familiarity with pain, hurt, abuse, rejection, offense, and unforgiveness draws us to others with similar emotional wounds.


When two people who are a “hot mess” come together, a very toxic relationship is the inevitable result. And the only way to avoid this unhealthy merry-go-round is to take the time to heal ourselves first. Until we do, every relationship will be adversely affected.


In this book, the Bentons share 10 triggers that causes us, as humans, to knowingly or unknowingly gravitate toward toxic relationships. Becoming familiar with our personal triggers help us identify, avoid, and break away from toxic relationships.


Get free and stay free!

Mr. Wrong Right $5.99


Kareem Barack is from the mean streets of Atlanta, Georgia. So when two guys approach him the wrong way, he knows it usually means trouble. And there's only one reasonable way to respond - force!

He quickly finds himself in a dangerous situation. One that he has no idea how to get out of.

That is, until the lovely Carmen Johnson helps him overcome in the most unexpected way. One that enlightens his mind and changes his heart. As his thoughts change, his actions can't help but follow.

Men of Hope

Men of Hope - Straight Talk from Lifers $4.99


Behold the powerful and insightful collective voices of men behind bars. Despite their lengthy sentences and dire circumstances, these men remain full of hope and undeniably FREE...

Free to learn and grow into the men we were
created to be.

Free to share our most intimate thoughts,
experiences, and struggles.

Free to make a positive impact upon our 

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What God Has Joined - $12.99


Do You Believe In SoulMates, A Perfect Match Made In Heaven?


April Curtis is a beautiful, witty, and intelligent saint. As co-owner of Market Smart, she is doing quite well career-wise. Unfortunately, despite her wonderful relationship with Jesus Christ, her personal life is another story. A sad story.


For after the betrayal by her childhood boyfriend, her relationship with her mother is troubled, and her love-life is non-existent. That is, until she attends a Halloween bash as She-Devil, meets Blackman, and gets more than she bargained for. Overwhelmed by his charm and his good looks, she unwittingly becomes involved in a seductive game she has no courage to finish. But Blackman has no intention of going out bad. He will finish what was started. Even if doing so forces them to confront the past. A painful past.

Prayer Series $15 for all three paperbacks

All Three Books
A Mother's Prayer
A Daughter's Prayer

A Father's Prayer (3 of 3) $5.99

Entrusted with a spiritual gift and a huge responsibility, Acquilla Jensen is coming of age during a time of moral chaos and overwhelming temptation. She finds it extremely difficult to make the right choices. Especially when the wrong choices involve dire consequences. Life altering consequences. 

Fortunately, glory be to God, Acquilla is blessed with a father's prayer and divine intervention to help overcome the odds and thrive in a world gone mad.

A Mother's Prayer (Book 1 of 3) $5.99


Acquilla Jensen is not a typical young girl. She is beautiful, funny, feisty, and intelligent beyond her years. She is, in fact, a modern day miracle. A true blessing.


But even a blessing can prove too much to handle in a dark world where so much is taken for granted.


Fortunately, glory be to God, Priscilla Jensen is not a typical mother. A strong woman of faith and character, she knows exactly what to do and what to say to help her daughter bloom and grow into the remarkable woman God created her to be.


Still, only time will tell if a mother's prayer is enough to pull her daughter through.

A Daughter's Prayer (Book 2 of 3) $5.99

When Acquilla Jensen was a feisty young girl, her mother said a special prayer for her. Praying that God Almighty would give Acquilla the eyes to see and the ears to hear what He had in store for her and her life.


Glory be to God, as a teenager now, Acquilla is faced with a desperate situation and finally understands the power of a daughter's prayer.

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Laughs Without Fear

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